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Tinnitus Alleviation Therapy TAT®- The method of Maria Holl

The therapy that helps to permanently reduce tinnitus, hyperacusis and dizziness.
Offered by certified TAT-therapist and musician Henriëtte Bakker (1959)

TAT is a therapy based on:

Bioenergetic exercises
Exercises in meditation
Self-massage techniques
Taoist healing exercises
Breathing techniques, internal observation and relaxation techniques are also used during the therapy. The whole body and mind will be involved. An exercise schedule is used so that the client can work with TAT at home in the most effective way. Tinnitus Alleviation Therapy sessions are generally given every two weeks. The client is be expected to spend time on daily exercises. A promising aspect of this approach is that the TAT method can eventually be learnt and applied by the client.


If you are not living in Arnhem you can come for a double hour. We work on exercises for two months. Price: €125,- Also when you don’t have time for regular lessons.


Henriëtte Bakker, 00 31 6 26 488182 or 00 31 26 3510902,


Arnhem: Wielakkerstraat 12, 6811 DB Arnhem. 00 31 26 3510902  and  00 31 626 488182


About the therapy

The Tinnitus Alleviation Therapy (German: Tinnitus-Atem-Therapie nach Holl®, or TAT) came into existence in 1995. Psychotherapist Maria Holl developed the therapy, combining both Eastern and Western relaxation exercises and kinesiological therapy models. The TAT method also teaches you to experience your body more consciously. Much attention will be paid to self-massage techniques – the skin is the largest and, after the brain, perhaps the most important organ. Touching the skin stimulates processes that are not only good for a general feeling of well-being, but also for better health. In addition you will be given specific TAT exercises in which you learn to listen inside your body.

The goal of the exercises utilized by TAT is to allow the energy in the body to flow more freely. All of the exercises are related to hearing, while utilizing the whole body and the whole mind. The exercises reduce tinnitus, hyperacusis and dizziness.

Tinnitus Allevation Therapie